My line of work means that we move every few years. Unfortunately, that means that we lose out on the amazing relationships we make with local critical service providers like doctors, dentists, vets, etc.. I can say unequivocally that we really appreciate Dr. Ralff's practice as they are truly a family practice with an incredible staff. Even though we only needed them a couple times a year, they made us feel like family. And they have always been more than fair with rates and experience. If you're looking for a family based practice- as opposed to a chain or franchise - this is your spot. Even if it means you have to travel a few more miles.
Brian Spracklen Avatar
Brian Spracklen
Dr. Ralff was gentle and skilled in fixing a molar for me. His staff is pleasant, as is the office environment. I don't have insurance and worried about the cost, but i found the cost to be very reasonable. Thank you. I have a follow-up appointment and i am a big, old chicken when it comes to dentists.
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k r
Doctor Ralff is a great dentist and his employees are wonderful. I have been seeing him for almost 20 years. He is very reasonable and his practice has a lot to offer. I would recommend him to everyone.
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Angela Nagy