Single tooth implants Hamilton Township, NJ

Single Tooth Implants

A dental implant is the best way to replace a missing tooth. The implant replaces the root of a missing tooth, and a porcelain crown is attached to the top to create a strong and beautiful restoration. A dental implant can often be placed at the same time a tooth is extracted. After an implant is placed, some soreness may be present, but there is typically very little pain or disruption to normal life.

Implant bridge Hamilton Township, NJ

Implant bridge

When multiple teeth are missing, a bridge can be made on implants. The bridge is attached permanently to the implants and is not removable. A bridge can typically replace three to four teeth.

Implant supported removable denture

Many people have difficulty with dentures. Even well-made dentures do not feel like natural teeth. Implants can add support to a denture and provide a “snap-in” feeling. This gives people the security and comfort to eat the foods they love and talk without fear of their teeth falling out.

Teeth in a Day (All-on-Four) Hamilton Township, NJ

Teeth in a Day (All-on-Four)

Implants can be used to replace a full set of missing teeth. Even when dentures have been worn for some time, and there is limited bone, implants can usually be used to replace the teeth. This full-arch of teeth is not removable and can restore the full appearance and function of natural teeth.

A fixed temporary is placed the same day as the implants. This means you will never have to go without teeth.